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Private and Secure as a Whisper
What is SKY ECC?
SKY ECC protects sensitive and confidential information with top-grade end-to-end encryption on an impenetrable closed messaging platform.

End-to-end Encrypted Messaging

Protect sensitive and confidential information with our network. SKY ECC encrypts the content so only the sender and intended receiver can read it.

Private Global Communication Network

Clients can use their devices world-wide without additional roaming charges. SKY ECC transmits data on a secure private international network.

Tamper-Resistant Hardware

We only use devices that have security built-in to protect users from data breaches and withstand any hacking or tampering attempts.

Secured Mobile Device Management

Our platform protects devices by ensuring full control of the information in the event if a device is lost or stolen.
The SKY ECC Difference
Encryption keys are created and never leave the device. Nobody has access to it, not even SKY.

Resistant to Brute Force Attacks

Platform designed to stop any attempts to take over your account. If detected our system will secure the device to prevent any hacking or tempering.

Impenetrable Infrastructure

Our multi-layer system provides maximum protection, closing vulnerabilities and stopping all attacks. Security exists at all levels: the network, devices, and the messaging system.

Redundant Authentication

Strong password requirements for the device and the messaging system prevent the wrong user from accessing messages and data exchanged.

Trusted Network.
Reliable Support with 24/7 Customer Care.

Time-Limited Data Lifespan
Flexible data expiration setting gives you control on the lifespan of your messages
Additional Privacy
Password protection for saved content such as images, notes and chats
Sharing Controls
Manage what images others can view or download.
Device Management
Endpoint management system that control functions and connections that may compromise security.
Private and Secure as a Whisper