Flexible payment options
Learn more about the features of the SKY ECC platform
What is SKY ECC?
Message Options
Edit, revoke, copy or forward messages
Archive notes, images and saved chats
Organize contacts using custom categories
Send photos with view or download option
Audio Recording
Send clear audio recorded message
Broadcast Messages
Send notifications to your entire contact list
Security. Privacy. Peace-of-Mind.
A messenger platform that guarantees protection of your most sensitive data.

Committed to Providing the Best Experience

Our platform eliminates the risk and liability that result from the interception of sensitive data during electronic transmission.
Top Grade Security
Protected by best-in-class mobile device platform and encryption
Fully Managed
We provide device set up, enrolment and account activation with 24/7 support
Optimized Productivity
Easily broadcast important alerts or notes to your entire contact list
Global Reach
Global communications across world class networks