SKY ECC Features
Learn more about the features of the SKY ECC platform
What is SKY ECC?
Chat Options
Create single chats, group chats or broadcast messages
Message Status
get status on whether your messages were undelivered,
delivered, unread or read
Edit, revoke, copy or forward messages
Create categories of contacts to organize your communication channels
Archive notes, images, and saved chats for later access
Block Users
Block or delete contacts you no longer want to communicate with
Take photos and send them as encrypted files
Audio Recording
Hold down to record and send audio messages.
Benefits of SKY ECC
Real-time global communications across world class networks
Protected by best-in-class mobile device platform and encryption
Fully Managed
Our team takes care of activation, setup and enrolment
Create group chats or broadcast messages to specific members in a safe, collaborative environment to optimize productivity and efficiency.
Who is SKY ECC for?
Anyone who:

•Shares sensitive data and information 

•Needs to maintain the highest caliber of security

•Must prevent data loss

•Does not want to share their information